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Client Support Services


With ten full-time and four part-time pathologists, Pathology Laboratories of Arkansas, P.A. is able to provide our clients with local pathology consultation services. All pathologists are board certified and are available for consultations by calling 501-202-2888 for the Little Rock area or 501-513-5757 for the Conway area. You may also use our 888 number to avoid long-distance charges if you are not in one of these local areas (888-809-3730)

Whether it is to discuss a pathology report or actually sit down with the pathologist and review the slides, we hope you recognize our availability for consultations as a major benefit of using our local services.


An important part of our support service is our courier team. Our couriers are available for daily pick-ups and delivery of reports. We are also able to provide customized courier service in the metropolitan areas with multiple daily pick-ups.

We can schedule once a day pick-ups in the afternoon for clients outside the metropolitan areas. We are committed to providing a dependable, quality courier service for prompt delivery of reports and supplies for specimen procurement.


In an effort to better meet the needs of our clients and to provide easier, more efficient access to our services, we have added a client service representative who is able to respond to any questions which may have. From supply requests, stat specimen pick-up requests, to obtain pathology or cytology reports, or to schedule a call-in pickup, our client service phone numbers are all you need to call.

Client services can be reached by calling 501-225-2760 for Little Rock and surrounding areas. You may also use our 888-809-3730 number to avoid any long-distance charges from any location. You will find customer-oriented, responsive client service representatives to provide you with a professional and convenient method to answer questions, request supplies or simply provide you with general information.


PLA provides services of a designated clinical pathologist to discuss specific lab results or to provide consultation for specific problems your laboratory may be experiencing.


Our business office is conveniently located adjacent to Baptist Medical Center, allowing for excellent accessibility from various locations around Central Arkansas (map). The office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 4:30 PM on Friday.

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