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Conventional Pap-Routine
Vaginal Smear

Indications: Can be used in conjunction with routine cervical/endocervical smears in individuals with a uterus or alone in patients with prior hysterectomy.

Specimens required: Lateral vaginal wall smear or smear of sample from a clinically concerning area.

Supplies: Vaginal speculum, one or more plastic cervical spatulas, fixative** (spray fixative or 95% ethanol), one or more clean glass slides (single-end frosted), black lead pencil lab pencil and test request form. Pap kits are available from PLA.

Collection procedure:
a) If only a routine lateral vaginal wall sample will be obtained, label one slide with patients first and last name, and source of specimen. If vaginal sample will be obtained in conjunction with a cervical and endocervical component, make sure that the slides are also appropriately labeled according to site.
b) If smears from separate vaginal areas are also to be obtained, label the sites accordingly as to specific site (e.g. left lateral vaginal wall, posterior vaginal wall, etc.).
c) Obtain specimen prior to bimanual evaluation. Use an un-lubricated speculum (saline or warm water may be used).
d) Scrape the desired region of the vaginal mucosa with the spatula.
e) Withdraw the spatula and spread the material quickly and evenly onto the glass slide (if cervical/endocervical smears are also obtained, or smears from other areas of the vagina are obtained, make certain that each smear is performed on the corresponding labeled slide).
f) Fix immediately, (spray with fixative holding the spray bottle approximately 10-12 inches from the slide or drop slide into 95% ethanol fixative).
g) Complete the Cytology test request form, including relevant clinical information. Submit the specimen to the Cytopathology Laboratory.

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