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Focal Point (AutoPap Screening System)
and Coding

All conventional and SurePath cervicovaginal specimens (Paps) will be processed on the Focal Point (AutoPap Primary Screening System). This automated microscope and image processing device analyzes specimens stained by a modified Papanicolaou method utilizing image interpretation algorithms.

All conventional specimens are classified into one of the four following categories:
1. No Further Review (CPT 88147): requires no manual screening.
2. Review (CPT 88148): requires manual screening.
3. QC Review (CPT 88148): requires manual screening and rescreening.
4. Process Review (CPT 88164 or 88165): instrument cannot process these slides, they require manual screening and rescreening.

Note: Pathology Review: all cases requiring final interpretation by a pathologist will have an additional CPT code (CPT 88141).

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