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Submission Requirements-

Pathology Laboratories of Arkansas, P.A. supplies request forms for surgical pathology examinations. The surgical pathology request form must accompany the specimen(s). Patient data should be filled out as completely as possible, including the patient name, date of birth, sex, address, chart number (if applicable), physician name and address, specimen identification (tissue type and site), collection date, clinical diagnosis, and any applicable history.

For routine specimens each separately identified specimen should be submitted in a plastic screw top container filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin. Containers filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin are available on request from our client service representative (501) 225-2760 or (888) 809-3730.

The container must be labeled with the patient's name and physician's name. Larger specimens may require the use of large containers with enough 10% neutral buffered formalin to completely cover the specimen. Inadequate fixation of larger specimens may result in a delay of specimen processing.

Any special requests (e.g. extra copies of reports to additional physicians, special stain requests, photographs, etc.) should be stated on the request form.

Smaller specimens should be put in formalin contained in the small plastic screw top containers and placed in the sealable plastic bag provided by PLA. The folded request form should be placed in the pocket on the back of the plastic bag, separated from the specimen container to avoid contamination from unexpected leaking of the specimen container.

Once the specimen has been placed in the proper specimen container and the request form completed properly, please call the Pathology Laboratories of Arkansas, P.A. client service number to obtain prompt courier service to the histopathology laboratory. The specimen will then be promptly processed and submitted to the pathologist for diagnosis.

For procedures and requirements for handling of non-routine specimens (e.g. kidney biopsies, skin biopsies, immunofluorescence studies, muscle biopsies, etc.) please contact the client service representative (501-225-2760 or 888-809-3730) or the tissue laboratory (501-202-1745).

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