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Prepared slides should have material evenly smeared on clear glass slides, labeled with the patient’s name in pencil and be FIXED IMMEDIATELY in 95% ethanol or with cytologic spray fixative. If spray fixative is used the slides should be allowed to dry before placing in the transport slide holder.

Specimens prepared in this manner may include brushings (e.g. bronchial, gastric, esophageal, urethral, etc.) or breast discharge material. If a bronchial brush is submitted separately, place the brush in a separate container of CytoRich Red™ cytology preservative or 50% ethanol.

Send smears to the laboratory in a cardboard or plastic slide carrier or in a tightly sealed container of 95% ethanol.

Smear(s)/brushing(s) may include but are not limited to specimen samples from the:

Respiratory tract
Oral Cavity
Paranasal sinus
Gastrointestinal tract
Breast/nipple discharge

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