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Specimen Submission

All fresh specimens should be sent to the cytology laboratory during regular operating hours 7:00 AM-5:30 PM.

Please call Client Services for specimen pickup. 501-225-2760 or 1-888-809-3730.

In the event of a delay in transporting the specimen to the laboratory add an equal amount of CytoRich Red™ cytology preservative or 50% ethanol to the specimen (see information regarding collection and submission of specific specimen types). The fixative can be obtained from the Cytopathology Department at: 501-202-1985

With large specimens (that cannot be immediately refrigerated) 50 mL of the specimen should be placed in a small container with 50 mL of CytoRich Red™ cytology preservative or 50% ethanol.

For a smear(s) prepared at the time of procuring the specimen refer to the smear section.


Label all specimens legibly with the patient’s first and last name, specimen source and any other client-specific identifier on all materials submitted for testing. Requistion and container must be labeled with patient name and specimen source. Glass slides need to be labeled on the frosted end of slide in pencil.

Each individual specimen container should be accompanied by a separate requisition. For example, if a bronchoscopy procedure generates both bronchial wash and bronchial brush material, then a separate requisition should accompany each of these two specimens.

Please Note:
Outer shipping container labeling only will NOT be acceptable for specimen identification.

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