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Include with the specimen:

  • A peripheral smear or a peripheral blood specimen in an EDTA tube;
  • PLA requisition (Fill out completely, including insurance information), check bone Marrow under Histopathology test Request section;
  • Description of procedure (location and type of specimen);
  • Patient history and/or probable diagnosis;
  • Results of the most recent CBC, platelet count, and reticulocyte count preferably performed within 24 hours;

NOTE: Mix all tubes at collection by inverting at least 10-15 times. Place specimens and forms in a Biohazard bag and call the PLA client service representative to arrange for immediate transportation to the pathology laboratory.

Hematology and flow cytometry testing must be completed before the specimen is 24 hours old. If the bone marrow is collected after 4:30 PM on Friday, weekends, or holidays, please make arrangements for appropriate transportation and receipt of the bone marrow biopsy and/or aspirate with the clinical pathologist on call.

This pathologist can be reached by calling 501-202-2007 and request the pager number of the clinical pathologist on call.

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